Freelance Illustrator

Hello! My name is Nessa, or Strawbs. I'm a 27 year old artist living in B.C, Canada. I specialize in anthro characters, but also do humans and humanoids.

Commission Openings

Currently no schedule, I open randomly on FA, DA and Twitter. Merch! I have an Etsy Store:

Contact + Queue

Email: [email protected]

Commission Queue


Patreon: Join my enamel pin club! Telegram stickers, Discord server, early commissions and see the sketch, inks, flats, etc of most finished images!Etsy! Check out merch made by me.


Prices are per character

General Prices

Thigh upFlat$60usd
Thigh upShaded$70usd
Full BodyFlat$80usd
Full BodyShaded$90usd


Complex Characters+ $5-15usd
Complex Clothing+ $5-15usd
Props+ $5-15usd


Terms of Service and Extra Info

A-Ok Drawing:

  • I'm ok drawing LOTS of subjects not listed here, so please feel free to ask! This is just a fast guide for frequently asked subjects. I love variety!

  • Any anthro species

  • Babyfurs/Kids/Cubs

  • Humans/Humanoids

  • Humans with Anthros, either romantically or not

  • Ferals, any species

  • Bondage

  • being adult art

  • Mild gore, especially candy/pastel gore

  • Porn - NSFW Prices added

  • Diapers/Adults in diapers or baby clothing - NSFW Prices added

Will Not Draw:

  • Sexual/NSFW images of underage characters

  • Adults and kids wearing diapers together

  • Diaper changes for kids

  • Unrealistically large diapers on kids

  • Scat/Watersports Or Dirty/Wet diapers

  • Diapers on ferals, feral MLP, etc

  • Diapers/fetish/adult fanart (ex: Rarity from MLP)

About My Style
I reserve the right to interpret your character in my own style. This includes things like tweaking colours a bit and possibly changing the shape of markings slightly in order for them to wrap around the form and lineart in an appealing way. In no case will I change things so much that the character is unrecognizable, and I will keep specifics like a certain number of spots or stripes the same. My art is very light/bright, dark colours will be lightened quite a bit.
Private Commission Fee
This varies by commission, but expect a fee of 25%-50% of the commission price for a private commission. A private commission takes away my rights, for example: I cannot use it as an example for further business, in art bundles or used as prints at conventions so the fee is there to replace that. If you require art to be removed later on, the fee will be on the higher end as I will then need to take time to remove it from all my online galleries.“Anonymous” commissions are different, the art is posted, with your name removed, and that is free to do!
Payment, Payment plans and Refunds

Payment is due up-front before any work has begun. PAYPAL ONLY. No e-cheques.Please have full payment/info ready within 48 hours of your commission being accepted. If payment is not provided promptly, your slot may be given up to another at my discretion.
Payment Plans
Half and Half: I require half of the payment upfront and will do half the work. Once finished, the next payment half must be sent and the commission will then be finished. A deadline will be given for payments and the commission may be cancelled if you miss these deadlines.Payment plans available only on commissions above 190$. Payment plans are not always accepted

Neither parties are obligated to give a reason for cancellationIf work hasn't started then I will give you a full refund.If the client cancels the commission and work has been done on the commission then I will refund you the amount for what I have not done. ex: If I've done the sketch I will keep payment for the sketch and refund the rest that is not done.If the artist cancels you will receive a full refund no matter how much work has been done. Unless the artist was forced to cancel due to client behaviorArtwork is non-refundable once complete. Any concerns must be brought up during the commission process as I send you things to approve.
Progress, Edits and Alterations to your commission
All commissions other than sketches/coloured sketches will receive progress updates, unless said otherwise in the commission openings journal. You'll receive 2-4 pose sketches to pick from (may not be available if you ask for a specific pose), then a rough sketch and inks for approval. (Icons and references don’t get pose sketch approvals)
Edits and Alterations
Generally I do not allow any more then two large alterations (unless they are my mistakes) before asking for compensation, but this is subject to vary depending on the project, size of the alterations and amount initially paid. Sketch redraws from my mistakes: If I made a mistake with the information you provided, I can redraw the sketch for freeSketch redraws from client change of mind: If you were given poses to pick from, and after the sketch decide you’d like it different, there may be a fee to do so. For something small (ex: Changing arm positions), it may be free or a small fee. If you’d like the whole thing redrawn in a new pose/angle/etc then you will be charged for a new sketch. .Unless discussed that multiple sketches would be needed before starting this commission. If your commission does not have pose sketch approvals: Most edits will be free unless you decide you’d like idea B instead of idea A that you gave me.
Turn arounds

If a deadline is not set, expect 2-6 weeks (business days), but time taken can vary greatly depending on a multitude of factors --complexity, communication, how many people are ahead of you in my queue, real life matters, etc.I am currently taking all commissions for the month before the month starts, so if you're at the end of the list, expect to be done before or as the month ends.
If you need something done by a certain date, I require at least two weeks (business days) notice. Furthermore, if you do want to set a deadline, please be clear about this and make sure I have agreed to said deadline. A deadline must be set before you send payment. Fees may apply for deadlines, it depends on project size vs time I have to complete it.If I miss a deadline, I will refund you in full and finish the commission, if you would like the commission still finished. if I miss a deadline due to you, like slow responses, you will not be compensated and the commission will be finished as normal.
Multiple Character Commissions
In the case of commissioning an image with multiple characters that do not all belong to you:
You will need to pick one person who will be communicating with me, I will only work/email with one person. It is that person's responsibility to make sure all parties receive progress updates I send and to deliver their requests for changes to me. I cannot fix things after the commission is finished if you did not ask for the changes the other party wanted. I may ask you for proof that you have permission to use this character if nothing on your galleries show you may know each other. You don’t need to spoil the surprise of who you’re commissioning, I just need a screenshot of them giving you approval.
Contacting me and Asking for Updates

If you have any questions, concerns, or are just curious about your commission's status, feel free to e-mail me at sbpawprint[at] However do make sure to check my commission queue (linked in main page), it'll likely answer your question the fastest!If you are waiting on a commission, I ask that you wait at least 7 business days after each update before asking for another, unless there is a deadline.
Commission Rights, uses and so on

Artist Rights:
I have the right to refuse a commission for any reason and in no way am I obligated to give a reason for that refusal.I retain all copyright to my work (this is not work for hire) which means I have the right to post it, print it, sell it (ex: prints are cons), put it in portfolios, etc. If you are wanting to hire me to design something for your product/branding/logo use, we can discuss a commission with rights being discussedI have the right to cancel a commission at any time during the process with no explanation. Read the refunds section for information on what happens in this event.I am not obligated to post your picture in my gallery or anywhere else but I have the right to post it anywhere I wish to.I have the right to use rejected sketches/pose sketches for personal use, future commissions or YCH’s. (For sketches, this is if you reject an entire sketch, not if you only ask for a few changes)
Client rights:
You have the right to cancel a commission at any time without explanation. (Please read the refunds section for info on the process.)You have the right to ask for changes! Read the Process section for all details!You are free to post the “posting size” of the commission anywhere you please as long as it is linked back to me in the description.This is a smaller size, not the full size. You will receive a high-res copy for your PERSONAL NON-COMMERCIAL use. (A personal print, computer backgrounds, etc. In the case of Ref sheets, feel free to link the larger version to other artists if they have a hard time seeing the small version. This is A-ok!)You have permission to crop/edit/alter the image [ONLY] for banners, icons, signatures; provided there is credit to me somewhere on your profile. You may not crop/edit my images to re-post outside of the above things. If you are unsure, please ask! If you wish to colour sketches or line-art I have made for you: This is ok as long as no one profits from my art. You may not pay an artist to do this, but you, your friend or someone doing you a favour can do it free of charge. Credit is still required and you may not edit out my signature while colouring.Poses that are not picked/rejected poses/rejected sketches do not belong to the client and the artist may use it for future commissions. You may not take unused poses/sketches I did for you and ask another artist to follow it as reference.
Other Information
If I don't have any references, is there an extra fee? This very much depends on the details, how simple it is, how the description is, etc. Very rarely is there a fee but if it's very complicated then there is. Fee price varies from subject to subject and will be discussed with you. Will you draw in another style? Usually no, but feel free to ask! Sometimes it's great fun and a good challenge. What format will I get the high-res image in? You will receive a PNG format, unless you'd like another format. Clipstudio and PSD files are not offered unless discussed beforehand and agreed upon.

Form is currently: CLOSED